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FRS communication SMS platform

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Main Products

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  • SMS

    High quality exclusive SMS channel, reliable and stable

    Support operators in 200 + countries and regions

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    As a good supplement to SMS

    More safe and convenient to meet users' various needs

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  • Mail

    Servers are deployed globally, with a 99% achievement rate

    Support receipt push and master the sending effect

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  • Number

    Multi business scenario coverage

    Provide localized number service

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Why choose FRS

Provide high-quality channels to cover the whole world: covering more than 200 countries in the world, direct connection to the three major operators, do our best to serve every customer, operation center to provide efficient and fast service support.

Platform system stability channel security and reliability: independently developed a complete platform, set up multiple sending queues to ensure that communication information sending requests are received and processed in real time.

Accurate data tracking analysis: Intelligent data analysis function, accurate tracking of the sending effect, clear background report.

Personalized omni-channel customer service: Enable deeper customer engagement across global channels including: SMS, voice, mail, number, WhatsApp and popular chat apps.

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