Through voice calls, real-time interaction with customers is maintained to achieve brand extension.

Product Service

Voice verification

Perform sensitive operations on mobile phone accounts by playing voice verification codes.

Voice remind

Voice alerts users to avoid missing important messages.

Voice broadcast

Group call potential target users through online interactive marketing service system.

Private Voice

During a call, the calling party and the called party are hidden to ensure that the real mobile phone numbers of both parties are not visible and user privacy is protected.

Our Advantages

  • Professional monitoring
    Intelligently monitors call status and automatically adjusts routes, effectively improving the customer connection rate and answering duration while ensuring the sending rate of group voice calls.
  • Routing management
    Intelligent routing, set warning reminder; Effectively monitor the status of route necrosis and automatically adjust routes to ensure the sending rate.
  • Report management
    According to the statistical reports of different dimensions, the independent consumption situation of each customer is clear at a glance every day.
  • The queue manager
    Intelligent diversion, refuse congestion, diversified channels, flexible marketing. Supports SMPP and HTTP for interconnection.
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