Make and receive global calls to break down communication barriers at home and abroad.
Conversational AI outbound call saves labor costs.

Product Service

Voice Call Center

Provide intelligent voice outbound system + global voice routes
Customize a variety of communication product portfolio solutions for different customer business scenarios
Support manual customer service team, group call transfers to customer service and other functions

Our Advantages

  • No system usage fee
  • Support call recording
  • Smooth conversation,high efficiency and stability
  • Efficient after-sales technical support
  • Customized product solutions according to different business scenarios

Voice Group Call

Upload pre-recorded voice packages on the VOS
import numbers in batches, and send messages to users in one-click group calls
Suitable for enterprise product promotion, marketing activities and other application scenarios
Achieve corporate brand promotion and reduce operating costs

Our Advantages

  • Upload batch number
  • Timed group call
  • Support multiple concurrency
  • Intelligent monitoring of call status
  • Real-time analysis of number data

AI Voice

Artificial intelligence technologies such as speech recognition, semantic understanding
speech synthesis are used to assist the work of the artificial team
Support automatic phone calls,screening intention customers and other functions
Effectively improve outbound efficiency, help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency
and simulated real person dialogue interaction

Our Advantages

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Custom rules repeat outbound calls support task pause
  • Customer intention recognition, intelligent reply, customer classification

Voice Verification

Send the verification code as a voice broadcast
Applicable to registration, payment verification, account activation, and password change scenarios
Instead of or auxiliary SMS verification code

Our Advantages

  • Higher security avoid being intercepted by malicious attacks
  • Wider applicability support for use on multiple devices
  • Higher reliability, no interference from network factors, real-time delivery
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