Communicate with customers through SMS interface.

Product Service

Marketing Sms

A means of achieving marketing purposes by sending text messages to ordinary mobile phones

Verify Sms

Use SMS verification codes to perform sensitive operations on mobile phone accounts.

Notification Sms

The system sends the message to users by SMS.

Private Sms

During communication, the calling and called parties are hidden to ensure that their real mobile phone numbers are not visible and user privacy is not disclosed.

Our Advantages

  • Covered in routine
    Covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world, directly connecting to more than 1,700 operators, and supporting multiple languages.
  • instant delivery
    The overseas multi-point deployment server can send SMS messages on the Web and THROUGH THE API. The submission speed is in the millisecond level, and the international SMS speed is fast and the delay is low.
  • High quality channel
    According to the multi-dimensional statistical reports, the daily independent consumption of customers is clear at a glance.
  • Personalization
    According to the needs of different scenarios and business requirements, you can customize the exclusive information template for sending.
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