Social media use cases
Content production and exchange platform based on user relationship on Internet.

Application Scenarios

Provide customer service through social media

Support users to communicate with you on their favorite social media network channels, facilitating user experience.


  • Create a rich brand experience for users
  • Optimize the messaging strategy
  • Good economy, low operating cost
  • A single API manages multiple social chats

Booking management via social media

Enable users to view booked flights, hotels, shopping, logistics and more on their favorite social media network channels.


  • Have a deeper conversation
  • Let users keep abreast of the latest information
  • Make communication easier
  • Have extensive contact with the outside world

Loyalty management through social media

Managing social media channels is a time-consuming and expensive job. While many tools are used, we can manage all your channels with one tool at a low cost and with little effort.


  • Ensure brand visibility and appeal
  • Have extensive contact with the outside world
  • Take advantage of all channels to improve user retention
  • Have a deeper conversation

SMS and social channel notifications

Send alerts, notifications, or updates to users through a customized workflow that maximizes the probability of them being sent, delivered, and viewed via text messages or social chat apps.


  • Make sure the notice is sent
  • Increase user engagement
  • To optimize the cost
  • Get richer data

User notification and interaction

Alerts are sent to users via SMS, MMS or social chat apps through their preferred channels, and users can interact in real time by responding to messages or phone calls.


  • Get the user's attention
  • Promote interaction
  • Reduce the cost
  • Improve user experience

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