Voice use cases
Through the voice form to achieve a variety of ways of communication services.

Application Scenarios

Voice remind

With up-to-the-minute voice alerts, users can keep track of the status of their orders in real time and avoid wasting valuable time or losing assets by missing delivery times.


  • Contact the recipient user using a local number
  • Real-time interaction, more direct contact
  • Reduce costs and ensure reminders are confirmed

Voice broadcast

Push marketing campaign messages and other messages to users through outgoing voice calls with interactive voice response, feedback options.


  • Improve the reliability of interactions
  • Improve return on investment
  • Support for dynamic optimization

Easy to use type IVR(Interactive Voice Response)

Flexibly adjust the background to create a better user experience for you, you can even incorporate appropriate, targeted product information.


  • Better brand experience
  • Get in touch with the right people faster
  • Easily add an IVR to your customer service application

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

With the help of ASR technology, you can quickly and easily build your own IVR system, realize the voice robot function, so that the interaction is no longer the same.


  • Provide a better brand experience
  • Get in touch with the right people faster
  • Easily add voice recognition to your IVR system

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